Dundalk Institute of Technology

Capital (Building) Works

The Estates office is responsible for the implementation of all Capital (Building) Works on campus.

Capital works greater than €0.5m are generally funded by the exchequer and the projects are based on the requirements of the Institute as set out in the Institutes “Campus Development Plan” (see link Below). The development of the Campus Development Plan  is a function of the office of Vice President Strategic Planning, Communications & Development.

Capital Works up to a value  €0.5 million are generally funded by the exchequer or by using the Institutes own resources or by a devolved grant issued by the HEA. The Estates office has decided for ease of identification and management that items below €0.5m should form a list known as “The Minor Capital Works List” (see link below). The list based on items submitted to and by the Estates office will be loosely prioritised by the Estates office and will be completed subject to funding and approval by The Leadership Team.

All  capital works must follow the procedures as set out in the Institutes “ Capital Works Procedures” document (see link below).

Campus Development Plan

Minor Capital Works List 2019

DkIT Capital Works Procedures

Current Projects

From 1998 to 2016 the Estates office has Project Managed approx €150 million of building projects. This has been achieved over 41 Building Contracts , involved 42 Planning Applications, 45 construction related professional building consultants and 21 different Main Building Contractors.

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