Dundalk Institute of Technology

Health & Safety Co-ordination

The entire health & safety strategy of the institute has been developed and driven by the Estates Office.

Safety management is devolved to departments and functions with the Estates Office carrying out an over-seeing role as health & safety co-ordinator. The structures have been created to ensure compliance with legislation namely the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work  Act 2005.

The Estates Office developed the following:

  • Safety Management Structure eg. Functional Area Safety Committees, Institute Safety Monitoring Committee & Health and Safety Coordinator Role.
  • Parent Safety Statement

Please see the following link for Institute’s Health and Safety:


The Estates office also has its own ancillary safety statement and carries out its own departmental risk assessment and risk controls including estates specific safe work practice sheets (SWPS).To download these and other documents please refer to the “Health & Safety Estates Office” Section of this website.


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